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In this article. This article shows you how to move resources to either a new subscription or a new resource group in the same subscription. You can use the portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI, or the REST API to move resource. The move operations in this article are available to you without any assistance from Azure support. Checklist before moving resources. There are some important steps to perform before moving a resource. By verifying these conditions, you can avoid errors. The source and destination subscriptions must exist within the same Azure Active Directory tenant. To check that both subscriptions have the same tenant ID, use Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI. The destination subscription must be registered for the resource provider of the resource being moved. If not, you receive an error stating that the subscription is not registered for a resource type . You might encounter this problem when moving a resource to a new subscription, but that subscription has never been used with that resource type. When possible, break large moves into separate move operations. Resource Manager immediately fails attempts to move more than 800 resources in a single operation. However, moving less than 800 resources may also fail by timing out. When to call support. Move Resource Manager resources. Move classic resources according to the classic deployment limitations. Services that can be moved. Services that cannot be moved. Virtual Machines limitations. Managed disks Virtual machines with the managed disks Images created from managed disks Snapshots created from managed disks Availability sets with virtual machines with managed disks. Copy managed disks in the same subscription or different subscription with PowerShell or Azure CLI Create a virtual machine using an existing managed OS disk with PowerShell or Azure CLI. Virtual Machines with certificate stored in Key Vault can be moved to a new resource group in the same subscription, but not across subscriptions. Virtual Networks limitations. When moving a virtual network, you must also move its dependent resources. For example, you must move gateways with the virtual network. To move a peered virtual network, you must first disable the virtual network peering. Once disabled, you can move the virtual network. After the move, reenable the virtual network peering.